Life's Essentials

AGAPE provides a number of programs to assist families in need through our holistic approach to address our community needs. A comprehensive listing of financial assistance programs for paying bills, rent, obtaining shelter, food and counseling services are detailed on our website,

  • Financial Assistance - This comprehensive program facilitates local communications between those in need and the organizations that can help them. AGAPE offers educational materials, counseling and instructions on available resources, referral services, and a network of solutions to help solve problems. When other resources are unavailable or have been exhausted, financial assistance is provided for heating, rent, utilities, mortgage, car, medical and prescription expenses and other needs.
  • RoadHome - This program helps displaced people who are in need of housing and/or short-term shelter or transportation. For a variety of reasons good people can find themselves without a secure place to live or a means to get home. Unemployment and estrangement from family members are just a few of the reasons people can suddenly find themselves homeless or lacking transportation to get where they need to be.
  • Emergency Relief - This program offers recovery assistance after a local disaster such as  house fires, localized tornados, hurricanes, & floods.

Fixer Upper/Emergency Relief

Fixer Upper is a good neighbor program that aids people who are in desperate need of some minor household repairs, but are unable to perform the work without some help. With volunteer labor, we can help if an elderly widow needs her porch repaired, or an individual becomes wheelchair bound and their home requires some adaptations.

Emergency Relief assists members of the community facing recovery from a local disaster such as a house fire, or undeclared local  disasters--flooding or tornadoes, et al.