Ways to Give

Monetary Gifts

We need your prayers, but we also need your monetary donations. With your support our volunteers can help families most in need throughout our area. Please consider this worthwhile effort by contributing a portion of God’s blessings.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

~Helen Keller

Online Giving

Please CLICK HERE to make your gift online through our secure server.

Please CLICK HERE to print out and complete the automatic withdrawal form, then send it to:


P.O. Box 424
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

In-Kind Giving

AGAPE is grateful to receive non-monetary donations in the form of drop-off (in-kind) donations. AGAPE is open to accept drop-off donations during business hours, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Free pick-up service is available for Appliance and Furniture Donations. Contact us at (570) 317-2210 to schedule a pick-up or to make arrangements to drop off donations outside of our normal drop-off times.

Food Donations

You can join AGAPE’s efforts to alleviate hunger in our community by donating food. The need is great; AGAPE is currently serving over 700 families or households each month. All donated items are distributed to families facing food hardships via our weekly Daily Bread meal, supplemental emergency food boxes and/or in partnership with the Columbia County Food Bank. Needed donations include spaghetti sauce, pasta, peanut butter, jelly, canned fruit, canned meats, boxed meals, side dish items and condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc.). We can also accept donations of fresh and frozen produce, packaged meats and dairy products, however, due to limited space, please contact us at (570) 317-2210 or dailybread@agape-pa.org for prior arrangements.

Organize a Food or Food and Fund Drive

Drives for food are always needed. Many groups have made food drives a successful service project. A food and/or a food and fund drive is ideal for faith communities, neighborhoods, businesses, service clubs, schools, scouts, sports teams, and any group of dedicated people who want to do something to help fight hunger in our community. Be creative! The AGAPE Daily Bread Team is available to assist you with ideas for conducting and promoting your food drive. In most instances, AGAPE can supply collection boxes, signage and flyers for you to use; pick-ups and drop-offs should be arranged with advanced notice. To conduct a food drive contact us at (570) 317-2210 or dailybread@agape-pa.org.

“Going Green” With AGAPE

“When you reap the harvest of our land, you shall not reap your field right up to its edge, neither shall you gather the gleanings after your harvest. And you shall not strip your vine-yard bare, neither shall you gather the fallen grapes of your vine-yard...”

~Leviticus 19:9-10

Leviticus calls us to be good stewards of what the Lord has given us. Given the current condition of our earth, going green is more important than ever. By going green we can all take part in preserving our earth and save money at the same time. AGAPE has partnered with several recycling programs that not only help our environment, but also financially benefit AGAPE. Proceeds from these programs cover most of the expenses for our Store More program. You can also participate by donating items that support these “Going Green” programs.



Planet Green Recycling

There are three ways you can help AGAPE in its partnership with Planet Green.

  1. Subscribe – AGAPE receives a $1 donation for every person that subscribes to Planet Green at http://www.planetgreenrecycle.com/
  2. Recycle – Planet Green recycles ink cartridges, cell phones, video games, and other small electronics and donates cash to AGAPE. Planet Green provides postage paid mailing labels for you to send items directly from your own home or you may drop them off at AGAPE for shipment.
  3. Buy Recycled – Planet Green also sells high-quality re-manufactured ink cartridges. As a purchaser, you save up to 70% buying high quality re-manufactured inkjet cartridges versus the original brand and AGAPE receives a 15% donation of every inkjet cartridge you purchase through our link.
  4. Old Computers – Do you have an old computer that has been collecting dust and are not sure how to dispose of it? Donate your computer towers and laptops to the Agape Center. In case you are concerned about your old information, please know we will wipe your old computer drive with military grade, triple clean software to prevent access to any data.

Scrap Metal

Sometimes we get broken metal items. Rather than just throwing these items in the landfill, AGAPE collects these items and drops them off at a metal scrap yard for a nominal profit. Over the past year, enough scrap metal was recycled to help fund our second floor renovations. Due to limited space, if you are interested in donating any metal items, please contact us at (570) 317-2210 or storemore@agape-pa.org for prior arrangements.

Creative Giving

Monthly Giving

Our monthly giving program offer you a convenient, steady and effective way to give. You may adjust your gift level or cancel at any time.

Payroll Giving

When you give through your payroll, your donation is deducted from your payroll before you pay tax. Payroll giving is the most tax effective way of making a donation to a charity.

Ask your payroll department for a payroll giving form. If your company doesn’t offer a payroll giving scheme email us at info@agape-pa.org to let us know you’d like to explore other ways to give.

SCRIPS Gift Cards

Do you buy a lot of gift cards for family and friends for the holidays? Next time you buy a gift card, order through AGAPE! You get the “Full Value” of the gift card and AGAPE receives a donation from the company when the card is used. Stop in at AGAPE or click here to view participating local retailers. Completed forms can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 424
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

AGAPE does carry some gift cards on-hand, but bulk orders or non-local retailer cards will need to be ordered. Please allow 2-3 weeks. Payment is due at time of order via cash, check, or credit. For more details, please contact us at (570) 317-2210 or info@agape-pa.org.

Pet Food at Chewy.com

Do you like to shop Chewy for your favorite pet supplies? For every new customer purchase through our link, Chewy will donate $20 to AGAPE. Please click the picture below to shop for your pets and support AGAPE!


Amazon Smile

Do you like to shop on Amazon? If so, with the click of a button you can continue to buy all of your favorite items and now support your local community. To signup, go to http://smile.amazon.com and when prompted to select a charity enter AGAPE Love From Above To Our Community (Location: Bloomsburg, PA) or just click on the photo below and just signin with your current username and password. Now, every time you shop at Amazon a percentage of your purchase will be donated to AGAPE. And, the great thing is you can still use your current Amazon account – no need to setup a new username and/or password.

Corporate Sponsorships

AGAPE’s efforts to end poverty in our community are significantly enhanced by our partnerships with the corporate community. Providing everything from financial contributions, business expertise to in-kind donations and volunteer service.

If you would like more information on how your organization can make in impact in your community, please contact our Extended Services department at (570) 317-2210 or extendedservices@agape-pa.org.

Planned Giving

AGAPE: Love From Above To Our Community Organizational Endowment Fund is part of the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation. Each calendar year, the Berwick Health and Wellness Fund matches the first $50,000 in Endowment contributions dollar for dollar (lifetime matching limitations may apply). Investments are managed by Smith Barney Money Managers.

What Is Planned Giving?

A Planned Gift offers up the opportunity to leave a legacy and ensure that AGAPE will continue to provide services to low-income families throughout Columbia and Montour counties well into the future. Planned Giving programs provide future income to the nonprofit. There are many options for creating a planned gift, most are appropriate for estates of any size. Whether you would like to make an outright gift today, or if you would like to make a deferred gift that will help us in the future, your gift will make a difference for years to come.

Giving Options


Cash, usually in the form of a check, is an easy and convenient way for you to support AGAPE’s mission. Gifts of cash enable you as a donor to claim a current tax deduction up to 50% of your adjusted gross income in any one year when you itemize deductions, with the excess, if any, carried forward for an additional five years.


Gifts of appreciated securities offer important tax advantages, since their full fair market value is deductible as a charitable contribution up to 30% of your adjusted gross income each year when you itemize deductions. Life gifts of cash, deduction amounts that exceed the limit can be carried forward for up to five additional years. You do not have to pay federal or state capital gains taxes on the appreciated portion of the gift. After The CSC Foundation liquidates the securities, the full value of the gift is available to support AGAPE’s goals.

Life Income Gifts

Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs) and Charitable Trusts can provide both an income and tax benefit, CGAs provide an annual annuity payment based upon the age of the donor(s). Charitable Trusts may be created to provide income to the donor, charity, or other beneficiary.


Naming the AGAPE: Love From Above To Our Community Organizational Endowment Fund in your will or living trust is a popular way to support the community. A charitable bequest can be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or what remains after other bequests including those to family members are made. Or, your will can specify that your heirs will receive lifetime income from your estate, with the remainder going to AGAPE for charitable purposes. If you choose, the bequest can flow into a donor-advised fund for your children to carry on your family’s philanthropy.

Retirement Plan Assets

For a gift through your estate, retirement plan assets are often the best to give because they are so heavily taxed if left to heirs. Income and estate taxes can easily consume over 65% of the account balance at death. By naming the AGAPE: Love From Above To Our Community Organizational Endowment Fund as the remainder beneficiary of these assets, you can leave a very efficient legacy.

Life Insurance

For those whose need for life insurance has decreased, making a gift of an unneeded policy can be a convenient and effective way of meeting your charitable goals. When you transfer ownership of a cash value policy to AGAPE’s Endowment Fund, you become eligible for a charitable tax deduction based on its current value. A gift of life insurance can also be a part of your estate planning.

For more information on the many ways to invest in the future of AGAPE, please contact:

Eileen Chapman
Executive Director, AGAPE Love From Above To Our Community
570-317-2210 or  execdirector@agape-pa.org.